Dare To Dream... Like a Queen

Discover the exact process to step into a new realm of wealth consciousness & spiritual client attraction with freedom and ease.

Dare to Dream Like a Queen 5-Day Immersion Retreat Begins in ...

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What you will discover on this 5-day immersion retreat

  • Ignite the dream inside of you and design the life you deserve.
  • Understanding the paradigm that is running you, and how to use it to create success. 
  • Find your gaps and fill it with strategies and new behaviour for new powerful results.
  • How to create massive leaps in your life and business using archetypes that will serve you.
  • Using the Queen-mindset to develop your persistance and resilience skills.

Meet Fatima Omar

Fatima Omar Khamissa is a leader in personal branding who loves to shine the spotlight on you through marketing, certified coach training and bestseller publishing.

From a single-mom-of-five collecting government welfare to global influence, Fatima's courage and determination has inspired fans internationally and audiences to breakthrough and discover their own unlimited potential and financial freedom. 

"Fatima has this unique genius about her. I love how personal she gets and I always feels she is speaking directly to me!"

- Lesia Caggiano

"The more I listen to Fatima, the more I fall-in-love with her. I trust her. She is honest and believable."

- Faizah Bazid

"Working with Fatima helps me to feel unstoppable. I haven't felt so alive in a long time. I am successful and confident!"

- Michelle Scott

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