Million Stars Academy is 
THE Coaching Program for powerful, spiritual women 
who dare to play big in the world,
live out their true purpose,
create more wealth than their male relatives,
and take their success beyond all expectations.
Welcome to the BEST Online Coaching Program you’ll ever need to
step into your QUEENHOOD,
be seen as an AUTHORITY & EXPERT,
FALL MADLY IN-LOVE with your business and with your life.

Engineer your EXPERT STATUS. 

It's time for you to position yourself as a highly sought-after expert

  • TRANSFORM your environment to create health,  happiness and abundance. You know in your heart - there is MORE than you can do.
  • STOP missing out on your children's important milestones like a glorified employee in your business. 
  • Take your existing coaching business, uplevel your niche to ATTRACT higher paying clients who have desire and the resources to pay you.
  • Play a bigger game. 
Why live a life of default ... When you can create a LIFE BY DESIGN, you get to be the architect and the master of your destiny!
Co-Creating with GOD!
Allow me show you how I created an amazing life for me, my children and for women globally.
I want to show you what other successful coaches are doing.
I want to show you how to start believing in yourself and in your dreams.
I want to show you how you create an AUTHENTIC life and business.
I have walked the path from pain and abuse, building myself and my business to a level of prosperity - I never thought possible!





You get to start exactly where you’re at. If you have the intuitive feeling in your heart and soul that you know you’re meant for more, and meant to serve others in a bigger way, then let me assure you, you are on the right path.

It all starts with a decision. A decision to make THIS YEAR your BEST year yet. A decision to finally put YOU and your dreams first. A decision to finally live your life the way you were meant to.

The moment you start to hear those negative thoughts in that beautiful mind of yours, saying things like:

“Going for your dream isn’t the practical or responsible thing to do right now.”

“It’s selfish to spend money on yourself during these uncertain times...”

“What if you put yourself out there and hear nothing but crickets… then what?!”

“You don’t even know how to start what you’re doing!”

“This type of career success is only possible for those women, not for me.”

"I've tried other programs and they didn't work, why is this different..?"

These thoughts are brutal, toxic, and paralyzing. They will keep you limited and small.

Your dream is waiting.

Your dream want you to fight for it.

God put that dream inside you.

It's time for you to show us who you are.


By saying YES to your dreams...



Meet Our CEO & Founder

Fatima Omar Khamissa   


Fatima is known as a Spiritual Business Strategist who brings forward feminine intuitive power and combines that with strategy and focus making her a unique formidable force.

Fatima has dedicated her career to fight for women to be seen and heard.

She believes that when women have money, the world becomes a better place.

From homeless mom-of-five, collecting government welfare, Fatima has walked the road of shame, abuse and apartheid. And because of her painful history, she sees the brilliance in others. 

Fatima knows all about authority positioning. She has helped more than 130 people become bestselling authors. 

Fatima is known to equip women with the templates and guides so they can create an incredible online business and be seen as an authority and celebrity in their niche. 

Fatima is a guiding light and the Queen of the Million Stars Community.  


Loving Queen Coaching Community

  • Surround Yourself with a world-wide community of women on the same path  
  • Post Questions, Challenges & Celebrations in between your coaching calls each week for support from Fatima, and the other queens inside the academy
  • You’ll Feel Like a Queen  through every challenge and inspired to achieve your dream  
  • The Energy Is Contagious this is a safe group to be lifted up, loved and learn with.
  • You’ll Feel Loved and Supported with strategic advisory calls every Monday PLUS weekly office hours where you share your accomplishments and challenges. 
  • You’ll Find Success and Accountability with weekly check-ins to hold you accountable which makes success a reality. 
  • Never Feel Alone in this awesome and amazing group.

Raise your hand if you are ready to give more charity, more help and more support to others through your wealth and business!



is the answer you have been looking for.


Choose The MILLION STARS Plan That’s Right For You

Best Savings



REG TUITION after Tuesday May 31st


Save $15,000

Full Pay $9,000.00



REG TUITION after Tuesday May 31st 


Save $14,000

2 Monthly Pay of $5,000



REG TUITION after Tuesday May 31st


Save $12,000

4 Monthly Pay of $3,000



What is the investment to join  Million Stars Academy? We offer 2 payment plans.

  • 2 payments of $10,000 (the first today, and the second in 30 days)
  • or 1 FULL PAY of  $18,500. 

What’s included in Million Stars Academy? Million Stars Academy includes:

  • An online MEMBERSHIP PORTAL with over 200 lessons and trainings.
  • A private Facebook group is a vibrant community energized with women who lift you up, encourage you and celebrate your success.
  • Weekly live trainings. 
  • Tuesday live training with Fatima called OFFICE HOURS where you bring your questions on what you are working on in your business to get 1-2-1 coaching directly from Fatima in a group setting.
  • 7-Figure Habits is a call where Fatima trains you every week on the new, upcoming strategies that her coaches and mentors teach her. 
  • On Friday, we have Body, Mind & Spirit Call to transform your negative beliefs into powerful a paradigm that will serve you. We support you in releasing all the blocks that are holding you back to get you back on track to joy and success!
  • You also have an opportunity to be linked up with another coach in the program as your accountability partner. 
  • Once a month, you get a private 15-min call with your ACCOUNTABILITY ADVISOR to keep you on track to reach your goals


Who is this program for? This program is for women who want more. Women who want to bring their dreams forward. Women who want a flexible family-first business without giving up on their values.  A woman who is tired of being the-best-kept-secret. 


Will this work for me if I struggle with tech?  Yes. You need a phone and a good internet connection to start. Everyone starts there

I’m looking at a few programs right now -- what makes yours different? Million Stars Academy is all about results and accountability. Fatima Omar teaches you all the ways she failed, so you won't. She has walked the path. She has failed. She has been on the side of homelessness and poverty. Million Stars Academy is different because of Fatima.

Will I get feedback on my progress during the program? You will get every single bit of feedback you need during the program.   

I’m already pretty good at marketing. Is Million Stars Academy just for beginners? By following the coaching inside Million Stars Academy, you will add 6 figures and more to your income. 

I’m uncomfortable with sales. Will these techniques make me look desperate? Sales is spiritual. We will coach you get more clients without feeling icky. We love teaching sales. We will show you ways to simply have a conversation where you get inside the world of your customer. They will be left with certainty and you will be left feeling like a servant-leader.

How much time will it take to get through the program? We recommend 1 hour a day inside the mmebership portal, and show up to all the live calls.

Some people get through the program faster. You work at your own pace.

Will I have lifetime access to Million Stars Academy? Million Stars Academy is an annual 12-month membership program. 

What if I can’t make the live trainings? All the trainings are posted so you always have access to the replays

How do I know If I’m the right fit for this program?

Great question, dahling!

If you (think) you don’t have a clue what business you want to start or have a dream of one and are ready to seek guidance and support-- book a call right HERE and we will make that decision together 

If you want to start using your gifts and talents to serve others on a global scale and monetize your passions, this is for you.

Ultimately, if you have a dream, a can-do attitude, coachable mindset and are ready to SHOW UP for yourself and your desires, this is for you.

What will the program cover?

Through the next 12 months you will:

  •  Discover your true, spirit-led desires & feminine values.
  •  Create a spiritually aligned business model.
  •  Transform your money story, release old money wounds and unconscious belief systems.
  •  Get specific about your gifts and the transformation you can provide.
  •  Leverage your time so you’re not locked into “dollars-for-hours.”
  •  Create a brand you love and that attracts ideal clients.
  •  Slay stubborn fears that keep you stuck in the status quo.
  •  Discover what’s been most influential for me in growing my business to where it is today.
  •  Be held accountable by me (along with my team & the awesome queens inside the academy) every step of the way.
  • There are currently more than 150 lessons inside the membership portal of MILLION STARS ACADEMY. We are always adding lessons to make this program effective and relevant.

“Now isn’t a good time, can I join in the future?”

I can guarantee that it will never feel like the “right time” to start a business. So I would definitely act now while I’m offering this extensive list of limited-time bonuses! Plus this is the lowest price it will ever be.

How much time will I get with you?

You’ll get access to me through the weekly office-hours sessions, the private Facebook group and pop-up Facebook Lives.
Aside from time with me, you’ll get weekly small group Implementation sessions with me. 

Can I really make it worth the investment?

If you follow the coaching, show up and put in the work, you can most definitely make your investment back and fast. So the real question is: what’s the cost of NOT investing in your dream, your business and yourself? What will it cost you to not receive help, guidance, support and accountability?

Have any other questions? Email my team at [email protected] or schedule a call with your community manager. We’re here for you!