About Us

Our mission is to help women release their pain, shame and guilt and to empower them to live her best life through entrepreneurship. We believe when a woman is healthy (mentally, physically and spiritually) she is able to live her true purpose (her big WHY!) and create positive change in the world. We also believe when a woman is financially independent, she makes decisions from a healthier place on behalf of herself and her family. And when you teach a woman how to achieve financial independence, you empower many generations to come.

Who is Fatima?

Fatima is a Visionary Entrepreneur and Mentor for Women. She is CEO and Founder of Spiritual Biz Moms, Muslim Influencers and Muslim Influencers Radio.
Fatima left an abusive marriage after 21 years, taking with her five children, one of whom has cerebral palsy. She used her transformational journey as a springboard to create change in her own life. As a bestselling author, speaker, and mentor, Fatima focuses on helping women rediscover their value and be the super-hero in their own lives


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